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Ticket Access Requirement Form


Southampton Football Club Access Requirement Form

Our Access Requirement Form is for:

Existing Disabled Season Ticket Holders and Members to let us know what facilities and services they use, would like to know more about, or would like to see at St Mary’s.
New Disabled Supporters and Members to request disabled tickets, dedicated seating, and a range of other facilities and services available.
All Disabled Season Ticket Holders to help us understand how they would leave the stadium in an emergency, and whether they may need assistance from our staff.
This will help our Access Team effectively meet the access requirements of our fans, both now and in the future.

You can fill the form yourself or on behalf of someone else. If you would like to do so over the phone, or receive a copy in a different format, you can contact the Access Team:

Supporter Services
02380 711 980 
If you have any questions or feedback about this form, or regarding any aspect of your supporter experience you are encouraged to get in touch with the Access Team using the contact details above.